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2022 National Park Photo Contest presented by Tamron

You could win a Tamron camera lens.

Pick your best shots taken in America’s national parks and submit them to our National Park Photography Contest. The deadline to enter is Aug. 31, 2022, so start planning some getaways to capture your winning photo. We will award a grand prize in each of the three categories:  Landscape, Wildlife and Night Skies.

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Great Prizes From TAMRON

Grand prize winners (one in each of 3 categories) will get their choice of one Tamron camera lens described below. These lenses will take your photography to a new level.

Tamron 150-500mm

Model A057, $1,399 value
Compatible Mounts: Sony full-frame mirrorless

Tamron camera lens model A057
Tamron camera lens model A057 (Photo: Courtesy Tamron)

The Tamron 150-500mm zoom lens for Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras upends conventional wisdom for ultra-telephoto zoom lenses, with a very compact design and high image quality. The 150-500mm F5-6.7 achieves a 500mm focal length while retaining a compact size, with a length of just 209.6mm (8.3 in) and a maximum diameter of 93mm, enabling comfortable handheld shooting. The design places major emphasis on image quality. The 150-500mm F5-6.7 is a highly versatile lens that lets you capture a wide array of subjects ranging from landscapes and birds to sports and wildlife photography. Find more information at www.tamron-usa.com/product/lenses/a057.html


Tamron 150-600mm

Model A022, $1,399 Value
Compatible Mounts: Canon and Nikon DSLR mounts

Tamron 150-600mm Model A022
Tamron camera lens model A022 (Photo: Courtesy Tamron)

The Tamron SP 150-600mm G2 (Generation 2) ultra-telephoto lens with upgraded optical performance enables handheld shooting with remarkable definition. This new lens builds upon the success of the current SP 150-600mm (Model A011) which Tamron first introduced in December 2013, including better overall optical performance and faster AF speed, VC enhancements, plus Fluorine Coating and FLEX ZOOM LOCK. Find more information at www.tamron-usa.com/product/lenses/a022.html


Tamron All-in-One Lenses

Models B018, B061, B028 and A071 (choose one), Up to $729 Value
Compatible Mounts: Various

Tamron camera lens model B028
Tamron camera lens model B028 (Photo: Courtesy Tamron)

Zooms that lets you shoot everything from ultra-telephoto to wide-angle, without changing lenses. These all-in-one zoom lenses cover a broad array of shooting situations, including landscape, sports, wildlife, snapshots, and portraits. The winner may choose one from models B018, B061, B028 and A071. Find more information at www.tamron-usa.com/product/allinone.html