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4 Best Places to Gaze at Starry Night Skies in Yellowstone

The greater Yellowstone region is known for big skies, clean air and sunny days. What this means is that nighttime skies in the summer are filled with brilliant stars.

The greater region of Yellowstone National Park is known for big skies and clean (although sulfured) air. Untainted by light pollution, the park provides the perfect opportunity to view all the brilliant stars and constellations. Bring a star chart and don’t forget your telescope. Also, remember it’s grizzly country, so take the same precautions you would during the day.

Try These Favorite Gazing Spots

Stargazing Map for Yellowstone

1. Mount Washburn

Yellowstone National Park’s best-known mountain is an excellent spot to stargaze. Access the hiking trails up the 10,243-foot peak from Dunraven Pass on Grand Loop Road or Chittenden Road.

2. Upper Geyser Basin (includes Old Faithful and Castle Geyser)

Stargazing near Old Faithfull Visitor Education Center is a safe and convenient location for families. Follow the bike path from Old Faithful to Castle Geyser for solitude under the stars.

3. Mammoth Hot Springs

The boardwalks to the upper terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs gives you a high vantage point for those who don’t want to climb a peak.

4. Madison Amphitheater Astronomy Program

Check out the Stars Over Yellowstone summer astronomy programs, where you’ll learn from some of the top astronomers from around the country. Find the Milky Way, Saturn, craters on the Moon, the center of the Galaxy, star clusters, and nebula. Telescopes available. Bring a flashlight. Visit for the Memorial Day to Labor Day schedule.

Due to modified park operations in 2022, the park is not offering any pre-scheduled ranger programs. When visiting the park, please check at the local visitor center or message boards to see what activities are being offered.